As the daughter of an artist, Gaby was born into the world of art .

Beginning as a student of fashion design at the Grafton Academy in Dublin, Gaby went on to design and make wedding dresses.

During a sojourn in the UK. ,she obtained a diploma in interior design. She designed bespoke furniture and advised on interior decoration.

Back in Ireland, Gaby initially studied traditional oil painting techniques and went on to study advanced painting at I.A.D.T.

She has exhibited in Ireland, The U.S.A. and Venice, including a sell out exhibition at the Dalkey Heritage Centre where she concentrated on her favourite subject of Dalkey Quarry.

Wearing her Illustrators hat, Gaby has created illustrations for e-books, video art and Florida based charity "Embracing Our Differences"





Working from my studio at home in Dublin, I use a wide range of mixed media within my work, exploring oils, acrylic, raw pigment, plaster and collage.

My personal response to the natural landscape is simplification. I layer and sand back to create ambigious forms suggestive of natural topography. Texture, be it in landscape, portrait or still life is a common thread running through all my work.

With regards to my illustration, I really enjoy the challenge of storytelling through simple drawings or cartoons.